ADT Security Microsite

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ADT Security Microsite (0:56)

ADT Security Microsite (0:56)

What is this piece?  This was a microsite to feature new service offerings.

Why is this in my portfolio?  This is an example of a visually rich business marketing piece with basic motion.

What was my part in this story?  ADT Security had new products to promote on their website and they wanted to present these in a visual format that engaged the user.

These are the features I delivered.

There were four different target messages and when the page loaded the site autoplayed one story at a time. The user was able to interrupt at any time by clicking on one of the people in the image to begin that particular story.

This needed to dynamically load the text and images from external files (as JSON data). The client wanted the The timer to be set from an external file so the interval, or pause-before-autoplay, could be set by a non-technical user. The text bubbles were to be smart enough to know to be left or right of the subject’s head, whichever looked better.

Software:  Adobe Flash Builder (Flex Builder) and Flash, Photoshop, Aptana Studio