AT&T Simon Game

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AT&T Simon Game (0:15)

AT&T Simon Game (0:15)

What is this piece?  This was a simple in-browser game based on the classic Simon game that had four buttons (red, yellow, green, and blue). In this game the AT&T phones were the game's interface and users clicked on the phones in sequence.

Why is this in my portfolio?  I love video gaming and I was thrilled to work on this game for a client. This deliverable needed to be rendered out to five different sizes requiring specific care in the packaging of the deliverables.

What was my part in this story?  This project began with a Photoshop design and I did the rest. The challenge was coding the game rules. It would play a random sequence on the phones lighting each phone face up in turn and playing a corresponding sound for that specific phone. The user would then have to click the phones in the exact sequence. They would be rewarded with another round by adding another item to the end of their previous sequence. If they failed to match the pattern, the game ended and would allow them to replay or see the promotional information.

The other challenge was that this had to be rendered out to five different sizes ranging from a full-page version (shown here) to a small banner on top or on the right of the page.

Software:  Adobe Flash Builder (Flex Builder) and Flash.