Papa Johns Account Bid-Winning Pitch Video

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Papa Johns Account Pitch Video - After Effects, Photoshop (0:44)

Papa Johns Account Pitch Video - After Effects, Photoshop (0:44)

What is this piece?  This was a one-minute video used as part of an account pitch.

Why is this in my portfolio?  It’s probably my favorite portfolio piece because it was so much fun to pull on my music background and really drive the animation from the timing in the audio.

What was my part in this story?  This design and creative vision was the result of a phenomenal team of people spread over different areas of the country.

 The Austin team was heading to Papa Johns for the pitch and they had a fantastic pitch already locked in. As a ‘wouldn’t it be nice’ challenge, a team member threw out the idea of making it a moving prototype to give the sense of how it might move.

I began working in After Effects to block out the opening and closing rotation effects. One of our outstanding designers found the perfect sound track that really locked in the mood and sense of the piece. From there I worked on a storyboard with one designer who had a rich prototyping motion graphics background. The original assets came from him and I worked on them in Photoshop, After Effects, and Adobe Audition to trim and set everything in place and rough out the entire narrative. The challenge on this project was while the pitch team traveled to PJ HQ, I kept working to get the rendered file as high resolution but as small as possible so it would work on a projector.

The response was overwhelmingly positive from the client, the pitch team, and later from peers around the office. Our office won the bid for the work and you might recognize parts of this design from the many commercials and advertising Papa Johns does.

Software:  Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Audition