Papa Johns Pizza Configurator / Builder

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Papa Johns Pizza Configurator / Builder (0:39)

Papa Johns Pizza Configurator / Builder (0:39)

What is this piece?  This interface lets you add toppings to and remove them from your pizza. It allows you to select which side of the pizza a certain topping should go on.

Why is this in my portfolio?  It was a high-profile project with a lot of complexity. This builder made extensive JSON calls to the server via the Javascript container.

What was my part in this story?  Designers, a photographer, and an animator were all ahead of me on this project. They brilliantly created photography assets and coding to animate the toppings as each was added to the pizza. They worked out enough variety in the layering, rotating, and feathering of the images to allow the end-result to look realistic for every combination of topping.

When I got the project, the prototype was a working, interactive demo that didn’t connect to the backend servers. My part was to make this work in a production environment. During this project I attended daily Scrum standup meetings and worked closely with the lead Presentation Layer Developer who was the Javascript expert. I exposed to Javascript all of the data calls that the pizza builder used; likewise, I used the calls the Javascript container provided to the pizza builder.

This project had many non-Flash related parts and went through several visual updates and changes. In addition to behind-the-scenes data handling, I made drop-down boxes and other UI elements as the design dictated.

Software:  Adobe Flash Builder (Flex Builder) and Flash, Photoshop, Aptana Studio.