Post Cereal 3D Nutrition Panel Animation

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Post Cereal 3D Nutrition Panel Animation (0:16)

Post Cereal 3D Nutrition Panel Animation (0:16)

What is this piece?  Post cereals had over 100 cereal products that needed to show each product's nutritional panel.

Why is this in my portfolio?  I liked that this project could have just shown the nutritional panels, but the designer wanted to make it visually interesting. He wanted the box to animate around in 3D and show the nutrition panel. And then he wanted the box to twist and bend, like the box was rubber, as it whips around.

What was my part in this story?  For over 100 products, each cereal box needed specific nutrition panel details. This copy and art was in Illustrator. I brought that over to Flash and rendered out a library with those assets. Then in Flash Builder I made the main program run and load the libraries as needed. The configuration of the main program just needed basic JSON data to tell it which library to use. I created the JSON data structure. The main program was then used for all 100+ cereals.

This project in hindsight was probably overkill for nutrition panel information, but it was a fun and creative way to handle what otherwise was a straightforward task.

Software:  Adobe Flash Builder (Flex Builder) and Flash, Aptana Studio, Illustrator, PaperVision 3D AS3 framework.