State Farm Microsite

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State Farm Microsite (0:11)

State Farm Microsite (0:11)

What is this piece?  This was a microsite for State Farm with an engaging interface.

Why is this in my portfolio?  I love to work in 3D, or in this case faux 3D, every chance I get.

What was my part in this story?  This project started with a phone call from the account rep, who gave me a Photoshop file. I got to play with how the text moved and tried various approaches until I found what I liked.  The main red text elements animate in, followed by the text tabs and content. I modeled the 3D to get the positioning correct, and then handled all of the placement programmatically and externalized all of those values so they could be changed without recompiling the application. Lots of fun.

Software:  Adobe Flash Builder (Flex Builder) and Flash, Photoshop, Swift3D.