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15 years of UX design and development experience

Former clients include: Dell, Microsoft, NFL, AT&T, Southwest Airlines, Travelocity, JC Penny, Kraft, Southern Methodist University, Ralcorp

Domain experience: technology, information systems, ecommerce, healthcare, banking and finance, marketing, travel, telecommunications, consumer goods and services, small business, higher education, and eLearning

June 2019 - Present

UX Architect (Furloughed) – Thirty-One Gifts LLC.

Direct Sales company with $800m in annual sales.

Projects: Principal UX architect and designer for all digital properties, public, consultant websites, mobile apps

June 2019 - Present

Freelance UX Architect &
Front-End Developer

Project: health coaching website pre-launch UX strategy

Elicit requirements for small business sites via interviews and user stories; built prototype site using WordPress

Responsible for planning, direction, and implementation of the user interface

September 2018 - June 2019

UX Developer -Ascend Marketing

Customer engagement firm specializing in journey marketing automation.

Projects: SMU online cybersecurity website, Republic Title website, Kitewheel-alternate prototype dashboard (journey marketing automation tool)

Presented UX concepts and solutions to stakeholders

Delivered via cross-functional team

Built site for online graduate course for SMU in cybersecurity to serve as template for future courses using Sitecore items and pages to create mobile and desktop site

March 2017 - September 2018

Freelance UX Architect

Freelance local digital marketing and internet consulting. Graduate school.

Projects: A V Corp Security website, Amarillo ARAD Comprehensive Treatment Center website, Park Central Luxury Senior Living website, BetterMD Inc. website

Designed local business websites, consulted on digital marketing

Graduate school, working toward MS Information Systems and Business Analytics focusing on Big Data and IoT

June 2013 - March 2017

UX Strategist | Digital Marketing Director - Happy State Bank

Community bank privately held with $3-billion in assets under management.

Projects: Rebuilt bank website, intranet, internet banking website, mobile prototype site for HR

Worked closely with Chief Information Officer and team to revamp web and mobile interfaces

Created wireframes, sitemaps, screen flows, detailed interaction design assets, state transition diagrams, interactive prototypes, information architecture, site map

March 2010 - June 2013

UX Architect – Inc.

Privately held medical supply and electronic medical records company.

Projects: rebuild clinic staff and patient websites

Conducted user workshops, stakeholder interviews, user surveys, user recordings, ethnographic studies

Led agile education and implementation of management, development team; led daily scrums

Implemented software team version control; integrated legacy accounting system online/offline integration with, MS SQL Server, Informatica

Built mobile product store prototype

January 2008 - March 2010

Sr. Front-End Developer – SapientRazorfish | Microsoft

Interactive developer for a top tier digital ad agency.

Projects: dynamic and interactive high-profile, big-budget consumer websites

Clients included: Southwest Airlines Booking, Dell New UX for ‘out of box’ experience, Dell Design Studio, NFL Site Media Player, Papa John’s Home page, Microsoft MyAccount, State Farm Landing Pages, Kraft Landing Pages, JCPenney Interactive Video Jeans Shopping, AT&T Mobile, Citibank Widgets

Worked with dynamic UX team of UX architects, UI designers, UX and back-end developers to transform flat designs into working landing pages, microsites, entire websites

Delivered winning client-pitch video to secure a crucial account

January 2000 - November 2007

UX Strategist | Process Engineer | Software Project Manager –
Dell Inc.

Leading online ecommerce site.

Projects:, ecommerce websites, software engineering process group

Conducted user workshops, stakeholder interviews and surveys, ethnographic studies, lab studies

Designed UX and UI for global I/T software SDLC website

Managed large organization’s change management process, and process adoption

Implemented software estimation and SDLC quality assurance techniques


2017 - Present

Master of Science – Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics (Candidate 2022)
- West Texas A&M


Project Management Professional Certification


Software Process Certification
- Carnegie Mellon University's Certification Partner TeraQuest


BBA Management Information Systems
- Texas Tech University, Summa Cum Laude


Sketch 91%
Adobe Creative Suite (c.f., XD) 85%
WordPress 80%
Html & CSS 79%
JavaScript, jQuery, JSON 82%
After Effects 77%


About Me

I’ve been involved in software development since 1993 when I began work with an ISP in Taiwan and created websites for expatriates there. I steered more into presentation layer design and development and user experience. 

The end user’s key concerns energize me and compel me to work to build better solutions.

I moved into digital marketing while working at Razorfish in Austin. Since then I’ve taken every opportunity to work with video, audio, motion graphics, interactivity, and engaging experiences. 

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